AZ Home Performance Contractor Requirements

Contractors seeking to participate in the AZ Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program (AZHPwES) must demonstrate a high level of building science knowledge and subsequently maintain the highest standards of technical performance and customer service

Applicants must demonstrate proof of a current Contractor’s License with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. All work performed as part of the AZHPwES program must be completed utilizing the appropriate Contractor License. (For more information visit the Arizona ROC website at .)

Contractor Certification, Training and Monitoring

AZHPwES applicants must be certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI). BPI Certification requires knowledge in residential health and safety issues, building airflow, building and insulation evaluation, combustion safety and carbon monoxide protection, envelope and duct leakage testing and repairs.Classroom and lab training in these areas is available through our SouthWest Building Science Training Center, a BPI Affiliate.

Application Process

Contractors seeking to participate in AZHPwES must complete the application process.  Please refer to the Contractor Manual found on the Application/Resources page of this site.


Arizona Home Performance with ENERGY STAR is a program of FSL Home Energy Solutions and the Foundation for Senior Living.

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