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Rebates for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Rebates*

Customers who sign up for a $99 comprehensive home assessment gain access to special rebates through their Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor.   These rebates include:

Sealing Air Leaks

  • APS offers rebates up to $500 for air sealing combined with insulation improvements. Air sealing can reduce infiltration and improve insulation’s performance.

Improving/Adding Insulation

  • APS offers rebates up to $250 to upgrade attic insulation to R-30 when the existing insulation has a performing R-value of less than R-19.  In order to qualify to insulation rebates, customers must seal air leaks first to ensure maximum insulation performance.

Sealing Ductwork

  • APS offers up to $400 to seal and repair leaks in their heating and cooling duct system.

Shade Screens

  • Shade screens with a shading coefficient of 80% or greater on east, west and south facing windows, offer an affordable solution that blocks up to 70% of the solar heat gain through those windows.

Effective March 1st, 2013, residential shade screen rebates will no longer to available to APS customers. Eligible shade screens installed prior to March 1st 2013, may still apply for rebates.

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*APS Home Performance with ENERGY STAR rebates are funded by APS customers and are approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission.


Financing for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Home Energy Efficiency Financing from National Bank of Arizona

National Bank of Arizona has partnered with the APS Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program to offer low, fixed rate financing for energy saving home improvement projects1.

Get Financing for Your Energy Saving Home Improvement Project

  • Schedule your $99 comprehensive home checkup and work with a qualified contractor2 to identify potential improvements to your home.
  • Work with a qualified contractor to make recommended improvements2.
  • See how you may qualify for additional APS rebates.
  • Finance the whole project with no up-front cost and low fixed APR3 – not to exceed 7.99%4.
  • After your energy audit is completed, apply for financing by calling 800-995-5626.

1. Credit approval required
2. Upgrades must be performed by a participating contractor
3. Annual Percentage Rate
4. Program terms and conditions subject to change without notice

Financing may include health and safety based measures directly required for the installation of energy efficiency measures.

Other Energy Efficiency Rebates

Improving Cooling Systems

  • Residential customers that install high efficiency equipment with a Quality Installation could be eligible for an APS rebate of $245. More information

Upgrading Lighting

  • In addition to the LEDs you receive during your assessment, APS offers instant savings on energy efficient LEDs at participating retailers. More information

Pool Pumps and Timers

  • Did you know that new high efficiency pool pumps and smart pool timers can save you up to 80% on your pool energy costs? Best of all, APS has new rebates up to $100 available to help you save even more. Learn More

Renewable Energy

  • Once you’ve maximized your home’s efficiency, renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, can help to reduce your utility bills even more. More information

Federal Tax Credits

  • If you purchase an energy-efficient product or renewable energy system for your home, you may be eligible for a federal tax credit. Read more about eligible measures, and consult a tax professional.

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